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Ie6 Unknown Runtime Error


In my case, innerHTML was failing against a div I had added to the form with createElement. me salvaste la vida! For example, trying to replace the content of the P element with another P will fail. If you are really the kind of markup nazi that I am, you'll notice that the p tag doesn't allow any block-level tags within it, and both LI and UL are this contact form

I tried to create a small test example, but of course it works correctly. The Machine is Us/ing Us IE's Unknown Runtime Error When Using innerHTML ► 2006 (3) ► November 2006 (1) ► February 2006 (1) ► January 2006 (1) ► 2005 (45) ► What do you suggest I do to obtain the affect I'm looking for? What next after windows domain account has been compromised? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13817999/innerhtml-issue-in-ie8-and-below

How To Fix Unknown Runtime Error

Even the anchor code works fine in Netscape. Thanks for this post. If instead of using innerHTML you use the appropriate DOM calls to build the HTML tags etc properly then you will have slightly longer code but it will be guaranteed to your code modified :